District 200 schools are in critical need
of repairs and updates.

Students in 19 of our 20 schools frequently face one or more of the following:

  • Minimally secured main entrances that potentially allow unsafe people to enter our schools
  • Toilets overflowing, causing entire bathrooms and hallways to be shut down
  • Rain water falling through roofs, damaging equipment and causing mold
  • Holes in deteriorating pipes and ductwork that waste resources and impair basic systems
  • Non-functional and unsecured doors--irreparable because parts are no longer available to fix them
  • Temperature variations so great among classrooms that students cannot concentrate
  • Extension cords stretching across vast areas due to outlets not working
  • A state and federally mandated early learning center that has not been updated in 59 years
  • Inadequate and unsafe performing arts spaces that unfairly disadvantage certain D200 students based on the school they attend
  • Science classrooms too cramped to allow students to properly conduct experiments and too outdated to promote critically important Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Inadequate Library Learning Centers no longer meeting the needs of students due to changes in instruction, curriculum and the use of technology


These are not "wants." They are crucial repairs and updates needed to protect our student’s health and safety, the educational excellence our community expects, and our property values. You may ask, "how did we get to this point with our buildings?" In large part because the state of Illinois is 50 out of 50 in percentage of funding for education. Dead last. This has meant that since 2008, District 200 has lost $40 million in state educational funding. Therefore, it is up to us, citizens of District 200, to repair our schools.


The District 200 Board of Education has voted to place a referendum question on the April 4, 2017 ballot asking for voter approval to issue $132.5 million in bonds. This money will be used to perform $154.5 million in critical repairs and updates to 19 of our 20 schools in the district. The remaining $22 million will come from current reserves and future year’s budgets.


Vote YES on April 4, 2017!


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